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Glen P. Pszczola

Attorney at Law

Key Peninsula, Puget Sound

My Law Office focuses on Key Peninsula Real Property; and, Estates and Estate Planning

Since 1990, I have maintained my Law Office here in Key Center, the heart of Key Peninsula, south Puget Sound, Pierce County, Washington State.

I provide experienced quality legal representation in the areas of: Key Peninsula Real Property, (particularly Puget Sound Waterfront), and the transfer of its ownership by conveyance,(Deeds, Statutory Warranty, Quit Claim, Special Warranty, Transfer On, Death Deed).

Since land outlasts us all, I also focus on Succession related legal matters (Community Property Agreements, Wills, Revocable Living Trusts), as well as attendant Guardianships, Health Care Directives (Living Wills), and Powers of Attorney (Durable, Medical, General and Special).

You are invited to contact me at (253) 884-1900 or
(My website is not a .com, the dot is between the Sound and the Lawyer)

Legal Services

Real Property

and Waterfront

Meander Lines
Adverse Possessions



Transfer on Death Deeds
Statutory Warranty Deeds
Special Warranty Deeds
Quit Claim Deeds
For Sale by Owner

Health Care and


Durable Powers
Health Care Directives
a/k/a Living Wills
Powers of Attorney
General, Durable, Special

Estates and


Wills, Trusts
Probate and its Avoidance
Community Property Agreements
Aff. if Small Estates
Aff. in Lieu/ Probate

Work with Glen P. Pszczola at PugetSound.Lawyer

At your Service, from the Sound to the treetops.

Puget Sound surrounds Key Peninsula and gives it unsurpassed scenic beauty, recreational and shellfish harvest opportunities, and world class residential settings.

From the time I’m retained to be of your service, until your legal matter is brought to your full satisfaction, the Law Office of Glen P. Pszczola, at PugetSound.Lawyer, will be your unswerving advocate.

I can tell you truthfully that many Federal, State and County laws control your land ownership, and your desire to pass your special property to your designated heirs and beneficiaries.

Many other laws give techniques so that you can pass that land and land uses to your buyer, family members, Heirs and/or Beneficiaries. These require particular attention to detail.

I promise to always be there for you, your land, and those to whom you wish them to pass!

Hello, My name is Glen Peter Pszczola

My name is Glen Peter Pszczola, the family name means ‘Bumblebee’ in Polish. Two of my Grandparents were born there and immigrated to the US in 1910. Another came from Sweden and the other is classic American mix. My parents and I were born in Chicago. The family legend is that my name-sake Grandfather Peter was literate and thus able to ‘defend’ the spelling at Ellis Island.

What Clients Say About My Services

We have upland timber property. Glen secured a Prescriptive Easement, over the neighbor�s fight in a lawsuit, so we could harvest timber. There had always been a road, but nothing in writing. It was stressful, however we won! Glen was always there for us.

Ms. W

The neighbors tried to use our driveway for commercial shell fishing. Glen stopped that and for a fair price.

Ms. A

We had to go through the entire Hearing Examiner process to get a variance for a nonconforming conditional use permit, just for a set of stairs to the beach. In the end, we have a beautiful set of stairs and a safe way to get to our Puget Sound beach, Thanks, Glen!

Mr. & Mrs. P

I wanted my beautiful waterfront property to go to my children without a lot of fuss, probate or expense. Glen prepared and recorded a Transfer On Death Deed, and I rest easy knowing the land will pass automatically to my son. I hope my grandkids enjoy playing there for years!

Ms. S

We just wanted basic estate planning, a Will, Durable Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives and a Community Property Agreement. We hired Glen and the job was done well, and for a pretty fair price. Thanks!

Mr. & Mrs. E
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